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Ford / Lincoln / Mercury / Mazda 4-Button Remote

Ford / Lincoln / Mercury / Mazda 4-Button Remote

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4-button replacement remote for most Fords. If the old remote was black and had pictures (not words!) on the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons, then this remote should work for you.

Works on the Following Models: Ford Crown Victoria 2000-2008
Ford Escape 2000-2008
Ford Expedition 1998-2009
Ford Explorer 1998-2010
Ford Five Hundred 2005-2007
Ford Focus 2000-2007
Ford Freestar 2004-2007
Ford Freestyle 2005-2007
*Ford Mustang 2000-2009
Ford Taurus 1998-2009
Ford Thunderbird 2003-2005
Ford Windstar 1999-2004
Lincoln Aviator 2003-2005
Lincoln Navigator 2003-2009
Mercury Mountaineer 2002-2009
Buttons: Lock
Part Number: 8L3T-15K601-AB
CAN: 1788 104 575
Frequency: 315 Mhz
Battery: CR2032


* FYI - There is a 4 button remote available which is more correct for the 2000-2009 Ford Mustang as sold new. It can be found by searching for either of the following in the search bar on the zippy locks website:


However, the remote listed here will function properly with the 2000-2009 Mustang.

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